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how to use an electric chainsaw

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw – Beginners Guide

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw

Cutting down diseased trees or firewood is almost like a routine for us. We primarily use a hatchet or an axe to get such a job done. Howbeit, the new invention of electric chainsaws have made it even easier! There are still people who don't know how to use an electric chainsaw. And if you are one of them, buckle up and read the article before starting with your backyard cleanup.

Electric chainsaws are specially designed for cutting down trees. Besides the high-end chainsaws that professionals use, you can find a regular chainsaw at the local hardware store. It doesn't cost you too high, yet lasts longer!

Many people claim that electric chainsaws are dangerous than traditional axes. At some point, it's true. But if you maintain safety tips, it might come out to be a fantastic handy tool to operate!

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw: Easy Steps

Electric chainsaws are cutting tools that operate on electricity. However, there are battery-powered chainsaws and petrol chainsaws as well. It entirely depends on your preferences the type of chainsaw you would like to use for your job.

Regardless of the chainsaw you use, its operating method is easy. In this write-up, we have shared an easy beginner guide on how to use an electric chainsaw.

If you already know its usage and are looking for a solution on how to sharpen an electric chainsaw with Dremel, we have another article on that topic, so go check out!

Step 1: Arrange the equipment and protective gear

First and foremost, it's indispensable you get the very best collection of safety gear such as safety gloves, heavy-duty cloths, chaps, boots, hearing protection, and safety goggles.

If you are about to cut a big-giant tree, you can wear a chainsaw helmet as well. These are really important when you are going to cut down that diseased tree in your backyard with a chainsaw.

As a chainsaw chain spins 90 feet per second, operating them without taking safety precautions is dangerous.

However, you need to use the chainsaw, low-top table, and power source to consider the leading equipment. And if your electric model chainsaw runs on batteries, you can skip that power source point.

Step 2: Read the user manual first

We understand it isn't delightful to read the user manual. But you should do that. Every chainsaw comes with a unique built and features. You must know this to activate electric saws!

Although you may think it's nothing challenging to operate a chainsaw as you have done that before. Be careful on facing unexpected issues.

That's because avoiding user manuals can lead you to face critical damage or injuries for even a simple mistake. So, be aware not to skip this part.

Other than the usability tips, a user manual also provides information on what precautions or safety gear you should apply before using the tool.

Step 3: Fill the blade reservoir

Many electric saws come compatible with the SAE 30 weight oil. Although, there are exceptions for some chainsaw brands.

Henceforth, you must read the user manual first and learn which type of oil you should use for the specific chainsaw blade.

You can also question the seller when you buy the tool about this. Once you get confirmation about the oil type, you should use it in your electric chainsaw, get the saw and fill its blade reservoir fully. Some chainsaws also require you to fill a chain oil reservoir.

Step 4: Get a better placement.

Once your chainsaw is ready to work, choose a nice place to work on. If you are in the backyard, make sure you are near an electricity source or have a multi plug with you.

And if you intend to cut wood or trees, it's better to use the backyard. However, if you want to make some furniture, you can also use your garage.

Step 5: Power the chainsaw

Now it's time to plug in the power cord of your chainsaw. Be near enough to a power outlet to not pull the cord too much, causing the power cord to get removed.

If you are just about to trim or prune dead woods, make sure your chainsaw has no chain tension. Chain tension, as in, feels too sturdy to work with because that makes the chainsaw kickback. As the sharp blades will be trimming the woods sideways, it's too easy to cause kickbacks and damage. So, be careful when you hit the power switch and get to trim.

Step 6: Start the chainsaw.

Start by assembling the chainsaw with a chainsaw blade facing away from you and any other object. Engage the safety switch, then pull back on the trigger for about 10 seconds so that it can adequately lubricate its chain.

If your chainsaw model has an automatic pump to do this work for you, follow the instructions in your manual! The chainsaw is the ultimate tool for tree felling. As a precaution, you should ensure your arms are tightly and rigidly held to prevent injury in case of kickback.

Use this fantastic machine while practicing artful cutting wood by resorting to its use on small trees first! You can put a slight downward pressure while operating the machine. But be aware not to put too much pressure, especially while running it at full speed.

Step 7: Start Practicing

For practicing, be careful on choosing the right tree or woods. Don't consider more giant trees or too weak ones.

Sometimes latter might cause you to lose control which may lead to severe damage. So, consider cutting smaller trees as a learner.

It will keep you safe and secure. The more practice you do with your electric chainsaw, the better you will understand its operation mode as well as your strength level.

The Verdict

If you are considering purchasing an electric chainsaw today, don't worry. It's as easy to use as any other power tool that has been on the market for decades.

All you need is a little time and patience to read through the user manual before using it for your first time. So, you can get all of the vital safety information and see if there are any specific maintenance tips they recommend.

We hope this blog post has helped answer some questions about what makes these saws stand out from their gas-powered counterparts!

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