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Electric VS Gas Chainsaw

Electric VS Gas Chainsaw: Which One Is Best For You

Electric VS Gas Chainsaw Comparison: There are two categories of chainsaws famous for lumberjack projects: Electric models and Gas models. Which one will be the best fit for your yard projects? Although the debate of electric vs gas chainsaw is somewhat familiar nowadays, the best fit entirely depends on what you need in reality.

For instance, you can go for both models if a professional lumberjack is hired for heavy wood projects. That way, you can complete all the tree services from heavy to light with their powerful engine. After all, both the electric tool and gas-powered chainsaws have exceptional facilities.

The gas engine chainsaws are best for heavy wood cutting, whereas the electric chainsaw is better for a mediocre job. In brief, you can buy an electric chainsaw for your home-based yard projects. But gas-powered chainsaws are better if you cut down a whole tree.

We have made this entire guideline for you for a detailed overview of these two types of chainsaws. Here we are trying to describe these two categories in depth. We hope it will help you measure the differences and pick the right chainsaw that meets your needs.

Electric VS Gas Chainsaw: How Each One Operates

Gas and electric chainsaws come with a wide range of benefits, but they also have their set limits. The way a chainsaw operates is determined by its power source. This section will cover the differences between electric and gas-powered engines. Also, it will cover how they differ in an operation mode for best performance!

How Does an Electric Chainsaw Work?

The electric chainsaws are designed with an electric motor that usually requires an additional power source. However, electric chainsaws have two different categories in today’s age. The first one is a cordless electric chainsaw, and the second one is corded. Cordless chainsaws are also known as battery-powered chainsaws.

Both corded and cordless versions have similar operation modes to dive the chain bar. But the main thing that differentiates each of these is the power source. A cordless model has a built-in battery that allows you to run the chainsaw without plugging it into any power outlet. But the corded model needs an additional power outlet during its operation.

Although the way electric corded chainsaws work is a different matter from their power source discussions. In brief,

Electrical motors aren’t like gas engines that include moving parts, so they’re much more reliable and efficient. The power-producing component in an electrical motor is called “armature.” It has many magnets that produce torque when electricity flows through them.

This causes the armature to turn with incredible force against internal metal plates. Then it converts these rotational forces into mechanical energy usable by your saw blade or other appliance such as a drill!

How Does a Gas Chainsaw Work?

Gas chainsaws also have two categories, like electric chainsaws. The first category is 2-cycle gasoline chainsaws, and the second is a 4-cycle chainsaw. Both of these are considered standard chainsaws within the gas-powered categories.

The difference between 2-cycle chainsaws and four-cycle engines is the type of fuel it requires. A two-stroke has oil mixed with gas, while a four-stroke requires electricity from an electric starter motor. You might wonder why the two-cycle chainsaw requires you to have a fuel mixture.

It generally lubricates the engine components so that you can work more smoothly. Whereas the 4-cycle chainsaw has two separate oil and gasoline tanks, there’s no need to mix it.

To understand how a genuine gas chainsaw work, here’s what we could sum up for you,

Powerful gas chainsaws work by taking fuel and air through a carburetor, mixing them in the cylinder of an engine (where spark plugs ignite it), which then pushes out raw power with each rotation of your wrist.

The connecting rod converts all this rotary motion into straight-line force that drives sprockets on one side while catching impetuous from another. When you release the clutch pedal at top speeds like around 50 miles per hour or more, depending on model settings making, they’ll get Godlike sharpness too!

Pros and Cons of Electric and Gas Chainsaw Models

An electric chainsaw is a tool you plug into the wall socket before using. The gas chain saw has an internal engine, requiring no electricity. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on what type of work you are doing.

Disclaimer: One thing they both have in common is safety features. Both of these categories require goggles or other eye protection when in use because of all the dust surrounding them.

Pros of Electric Chainsaw Models

  • Anyone can handle these machines due to their lightweight design and size.
  • You will have a quieter operation mode, unlike the gas chainsaws. Although when you pull the starting chord might make a little noise.
  • They don’t produce any smell and don’t require any additional gasoline add-ons.
  • These models include a button instead of a pulling chord for start-ups.
  • You can use electric chainsaws for sprucing up trees around the home yard. It’s better to cut small tree branches or make minor cutting tasks for your home-based work.
  • You can easily maintain them as they don’t require any fuel mixture during work or additional cleaning filters. Most chainsaws offer automatic chain oiler, chain brake, and tool-free chain tensioning.
  • You can also store this chainsaw with ease.
  • If you purchase a corded electric chainsaw, it will cost you less than gasoline-powered chainsaws. However, if you are buying a cordless model, it might cost you the same as a gasoline-powered chainsaw.
  • The corded models can run for a long time, whereas cordless chainsaws need frequent charging before you can go on working with them again.

Cons of Electric Chainsaw Models

  • You can cut down a tree, but you won’t be able to do it when your chainsaw blade is too short. The most extended range of bar lengths on an electric saw is 18 inches in length. And this is not nearly enough for cutting through large trees.
  • Gas-powered chainsaws are excellent for cutting large trees, while corded electric models struggle to reach their full potential. You can’t take the corded-operated saws virtually any distance without fear of running out of power or having an extension cord that gets in your way!
  • Finding the correct power outlet for your chainsaw is a hassle, especially in an emergency. A cordless chainsaw can take up to one hour of charging time just so that it will last 20 minutes!

Pros of Gas Chainsaws Models

  • A gas chainsaw is better for heavy-duty work such as pruning, cutting, and trimming large trees or firewoods. Therefore, it makes heavy jobs easier to handle for anyone.
  • You will have a maximum of 72 inches length blade bar size and an ergonomic handle.
  • It will help you cut faster than any electric model chainsaw.
  • You can use them anywhere, no matter the place. In contrast, a corded electric chainsaw can’t go too far because it needs an additional power source.
  • They are best with fuel. So, if you need them running for a long time, don’t forget to keep fuel near you.

Cons of Gas Chainsaws Models

  • These models are harder to handle for long periods as they are heavyweight.
  • You need to carry around additional fuel storage for running them for an extended period.
  • The two-cycle engine requires you to input an oil mixture with the gasoline.
  • You will face harmful emissions and smells.
  • They’re loud and heavy to work with.
  • They have a higher price compared to an electric corded model. However, a cordless electric model charges you the same fee as a gas-powered model.
  • You need to maintain proper routine care for these models.
  • You have to pull a chord each time during the start-up.

How To Decide Which One Is The Right One For You?

With so many saws on the market, how do you decide which one will be best for your situation? You’ll need to evaluate and pick a precise tool. An affordable electric chainsaw may work well if it’s just cutting down some small trees or bushes.

But if you have a huge backyard with many trees, then the gas-powered saw might be your best option. This tool will provide more power when working on larger projects. It is also better for use during storms or other natural disasters where limbs fall due to high winds.

However, if you are living near earthquake zones that makes this dangerous type of work necessary in an unpredictable environment, it’s recommended that people go electric instead!

Closing Thoughts

We hope that it’s cleared up any confusion over which saw will suit your needs- an electric chain saw is better suited for small jobs around the home, and a gas-powered model is preferable if larger projects are in order.

If, at this point, there’s anything left unclear about how these two types of power sources differ from one another or what specific tasks each can handle most efficiently, please feel free to reach out at any time! Our team would love to hear more about your project. So, we can help find the solution that matches your needs perfectly. Here we are trying our label best to discuss Electric VS Gas chainsaws.

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