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Cheap Electric Chainsaw

Top 06 Cheap Electric Chainsaw [2022]

Cheap Electric Chainsaw: Did you know how easy it is to clean the dead tree limb off of your garden? It needs none of that traditional heavy equipment, nor does a single gas-powered chainsaw. You can simply invest in a very cheap electric chainsaw and get your work done like a pro!

We know it's pretty difficult to believe that an electric chainsaw can do such heavy works. But fellas, that's the truth! As many hardware appliances have become digital, why leave the chainsaw behind?

Today, manufacturers consider a lot more while creating a chainsaw machine. Other than the good cheap corded electric chainsaw, they are manufacturing battery-powered chainsaws as well. These electric models are designed to cut any tree branches.

They have a built-in safety feature and tool-less chain tensioning system. Besides, some models even offer an automatic oiler facility. So, what more do you need? Looking forward to making DIY wood stuff or cleaning the garden, an electric-powered chainsaw can be the best tool in hand!

list of top 06 Best Cheap Electric Chainsaw

please checkout our list of top 06 best cheap electric chainsaw:



Product Name



Worx 14'' Electric Chainsaw


Makita-UC4051A Electric Chain Saw


Oregon cs1500 Self-sharpening Electric Chain Saw


Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 20332


Craftsman Electric Chainsaw


HOMELITE Electric Chainsaw

Our Top Picks

We have already shared our top six choices on the above list. But Our editors think there should be at least two highlighted picks that are good in overall performance.

Oregon cs1500 Self-sharpening Electric Chain Saw

  • 18” guide bar and chain
  • built-in oiling system
  • Max 15 team members
  • Low noise
  • Chain brake for added safety

Worx 14'' Electric Chainsaw

  • 14" 8.0 amp Electric Chainsaw
  • great saw for smooth cutting 
  • Super convenient
  • easy to use
  • cut branches of trees

Oregon cs1500 Self-sharpening Electric Chain Saw

Oregon cs1500 Self-sharpening Electric Chain Saw
If you are looking for a high-power, low-noise electric chainsaw for trimming branches. oregon cs1500 self-sharpening electric chainsaw is right choice for you. you can tension the chain by just tightening the ring on the side cover. it's 15 amps motor provide plenty of power for branches of cutting.

Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 20332

Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 20332

The greenwork electric chainsaw 20332 is not just affordable but also provides better safety gear and makes the operation easier. It has a small size that allows you to carry it around easily. Although, we won't compare this machine with the Worx. But for the price range, you can undoubtedly pick this one. With its easy operation, you'll have no problem using this product in your backyard!

Worx 14'' Electric Chainsaw

Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw

The Worx 14 electric chainsaw is the one perfect for this match! Its excellent features include a self-sharpening saw for quicker operation. The auto chain tensioning system has made it more accessible overall. So you can easily cut down on messy tasks with just one tool! In addition to being easy on your hands, thanks to its ergonomic design. So there won't be any unwanted accidents from running out into traffic or anything else.

6 Best Cheap Electric Chainsaw Review

Electric chainsaws are the best power tool for tree trimming. They have got a lightweight design and an easy operation method. But can all of the models provide a high-efficient service? Of course not! Hence, prepare your mind to choose a good-quality chainsaw!

In this write-up, we have reviewed some electric saws that are more or less the best electric self-sharpening chainsaws. They offer an outstanding balance between power, weight, and price. Some of these also include the tool-less chain tensioner function. So, our recommended chainsaws are sure to provide you with excellent value for money.

1. Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw

Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw

Don't we all want to buy a cheap electric chainsaw along with all the features? Have this perfect chainsaw for cutting, trimming, or snipping around your yard. We all know electric-powered chainsaw motors are far better than the gas powdered ones—less messy and manageable. Age or strength does not matter. It easily conquers all your worries.

Includes auto-tension chainsaw system and easy prime oil pump, which can prolong the lifeline of the electric chainsaw motors. Moreover, this cordless electric chainsaw has a front and rear handle, 14" chain, chain tightening knob. All these features make this tool incredibly useful and user-friendly.

The Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw is a heavy-duty instrument that knows how to take care of tough jobs like branch removal, tree trimming, and cutting logs. You can feel confident that this thing will cover your back. You only need two things (a power source and some fuel) to keep it running!

Though classified as "heavy-duty," it's also light enough for lady owners/users. It weighs in at 7.94 lbs., making it easier on your grip while still giving an excellent result. This Cheap Electric Chainsaw has lots of unique features. The chainstays are well-oiled. Thanks to the easy-to-access oil reservoir that catches drips and spills. It also comes with perfect balancing bars, which is excellent!

Key Specifications:

  • Dimension: 10 x 16 x 8 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Weight: 7.94 Pounds


  • Powerful 8 AMP Motor
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication System
  • Oil Level Indicator
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Cost-Effective Machine
  • 4 fl oz Oil Tank Capacity
  • Bar and Chain Sheath Included
  • Auto Chain Tension System


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Easy to tighten the blade
  • Works great for cutting around any residence
  • Powerful little electric chainsaw


  • The gear and other parts of the machine might not be available everywhere

What Consumers Say:

This 14-inch chainsaw is one of the best on the market for consumers. Its easy manoeuvrability and lightweight design have made yard work a breeze. It also includes quickened cutting speeds as well! The auto chain tensioning system ensures that they can easily cut through any tree limb without having help from anyone else. And speaking of self-sharpening? It can do that on its own. It has 4 fl oz oil tank capacities in each reservoir; this baby will go all night long if needed.

2. Makita-UC4051A Electric Chain Saw

Makita-UC4051A Electric Chain Saw

Hands down, this product from Makita is a top-tier corded electric chainsaw in the market. It is a perfect choice for the next heavy continuous cutting session. What makes it incredible is its given feature. It doesn't compromise on the fine quality. Get maximum productivity with automatic chain oiler and chain brake.

It includes softer rubberized grips to fit the contours of your hand for comfort. This Makita Electric Chain Saw has a large reservoir with view windows. So you won't have to worry about running out of bar oil. Best of all, this unit operates on electricity. Thus, no need to worry about finding gasoline when you're in the middle of a job.

Speaking of its maintenance, that is a breeze with 'no tools' and adjustable chain and blade. You also get a large trigger to start smoother with the cheap electric chainsaw motors. Also, protect your chainsaw from burnout with its built-in current limiter. Overall, a wise choice for heavy-out efficiency and fast cutting.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimension: 10 x 24.2 x 10.5 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Weight: 14 Pounds


  • 16 Inch Bar Length
  • Tool-Less Blade Adjustment
  • Tool-Less Chain Adjustment
  • Rubberized Grip Handles
  • Large Start Trigger Switch
  • Built-In Current Limiter
  • Large Oil Reservoir
  • Electric Chain Brake For Safety
  • Automatic Oiler for Chain Smoothness
  • Zero Emissions
  • One Year Warranty


  • Powerful electric chainsaw
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No need to replace the spark plug
  • It starts without having to pull a rope


  • Some consumers complain about its design and heavyweight

What Consumers Say:

The Makita chainsaw is an excellent tool for heavy-duty cutting. Consumers used it to cut 12" pine tree branches into pieces that were 15 inches long. And the result was positive. They claimed to use it for continuous 6 hours with no problems at all! The low kickback design helped reduce wear on their arm while keeping things sharp longer than full chisel designs. This is what makes this one perfect for doing lots of challenging woodwork around the home or garden.

3. Oregon cs1500 Self-sharpening Electric Chain Saw

Oregon cs1500 Self-sharpening Electric Chain Saw

A sharp, efficient blade and chain are what make a chainsaw more useful. Oregon cs1500 self-sharpening electric chain saw makes sure to provide you with that and more. Never fall short on a light chain with its Power Sharp lever. This self-sharpened chainsaw is a level up from the traditional ones.

Unlike most gas chainsaws, this cheap chainsaw electric can get done any job around your yard. You will face no breakage, damage, or chaotic environment. That's how smooth the machine is on its work. It's softer, easier to manage, maintenance and swing.

You will get oil indicators to make sure you are keeping this lubricated and working. High power, yet worth the weight! The Oregon cs1500 self-sharpening electric chain saw is a must-have for anyone. With no assembly required, a reliable chain brake feature, a low noise level between cuts, and a high-powered engine, your sanity will stay intact.

It also weighs 12 lbs., which means it's easy to carry around without any added strain. The chain brake ensures that you're always safe too! Altogether, this well-thought product is guaranteed to lessen your worries. And investing in its oil chainsaw motors can be the perfect decision you make.

Key Specifications:

Dimension: 18 x 37.5 x 10.5 inches

Power Source: Corded Electric

Weight: 12.6 Pounds


18 Inch Guide Bar Length

Built-In Lubricating Oiling System

Pre-Assembled Machine

Includes Built-In Chain Brake

No Noise Production

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

Over-Mod Comfort Handle


Automatic Chain Oiler

View through Window for Oil Level Check

15 AMP Motor


  • Easy To Keep Clean
  • No More Fumes
  • Less Chain Tension Mechanism
  • Much Less Noise
  • No More Heat


  • The casing of the chainsaw might become loose over time

What Consumers Say:

It's easy to see why Oregon is such a popular chainsaw with consumers. For those who are looking for an affordable, powerful and efficient tool that won't break your bank account but still provide quality performance on all fronts - this might be just what you're after! With its lightweight design and sharp blades, you will have an easy operation method. It offers everything no one could ask from their new favourite tools for under 100 dollars.

4. Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 20332

Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 20332

Have a big job? Cut it in half. You'll never need to call the professional with greenworks electric chainsaw! Get your hands on this powerful 14.5 amp electric motor with unlimited cuts and minimal downtime. With its powerful performance and lightweight design, you can cut out any unwanted tree or limb up to 34 inches in diameter.

When it's time to trim those branches, our corded chainsaw is always up for the job. You can't start this bad boy wrong. That's because there are no priming techniques or choked levers to worry about! It does take a little extra effort. Howbeit, it's perfect for working your core.

The comfort grip design helps keep the saw steady while minimizing any fatigue you might feel after working all day in the hot sun. The tool-less chain tension adjustment makes keeping your device running well as new quick and easy. Rest assured that your saw will stay sharp with its automatic oiler too.

So, the Greenworks electric chainsaw is the best you can find on the market. The safety hand guard reduces the risk of injury. And with a limited 3-year warranty, none can beat the deal!

Key Specifications:

Dimension: 33 x 10.25 x 8.5 inches

Power Source: Corded Electric

Weight: 12.1 Pounds


14.5 AMP Electric Motor

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

Three Year Warranty

Hand Guard for Added Safety

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

Automatic Oiler

High-Quality Chainsaw Design

Additional Safety Switch Included


  • Lots of power for your needs
  • Easy to use
  • Little chainsaw
  • Lightweight


  • Better for Right Hand Use

What Consumers Say:

Most customers are satisfied with the given feature like, excellent braking mechanism, long bar chain. Perfect for unlimited cuts and long sessions of trimming. The product is lightweight, so even an amateur can cut easily. The cheap electric chainsaw motors can last up to years. Consumers tend to rely on electric chainsaws than gas-powered ones. They like the convenient knob that can tighten the chain, so it doesn't come off quickly. This product is a winner among consumers who wants a clean, fresh yard without much hassle.

5. Craftsman Electric Chainsaw

Craftsman Electric Chainsaw

Who needs a noisy gas-guzzling chainsaw when the craftsman electric chainsaw can do just as much and more? Give in to your green thumb and fire up the 12 Amps. This is, so far, the best cheap electric chainsaw for firewood. Its motor only requires a slight kick to start it up. It’s powerful enough to tackle your most arduous project with ease.

The Craftsman 16 inch electric chainsaw also has safety features like an anti-kickback bar and chain. It comes equipped with a handy oil window that needs no priming before use! And just look at those handy, easy adjusting chain tension tools. It's as close as you'll ever come to having an expert on hand.

With Craftsman electric chainsaw 16 inches, you can get all of your heavy-duty woodcutting jobs done in record time. You'll save time by using this corded electric chainsaw instead of a gas-powered model. It's also smaller than the other tools you use to perform monotonous activities!

Its corded electric motor delivers the power needed to cut through rigid materials while staying efficient. It's also an eco-friendly machine! So, what more would you need to clean your garden without a mess?

Key Specifications:

Dimension: 18.63 x 11.94 x 8.37 inches

Power Source: Corded Electric

Weight: 6.19 Pounds


44 Chain Speed

12 AMP Electric Motor

16-inch Low Kickback Bar

Built-In Oil Window

Three Year Warranty

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

Automatic Oiler


  • Great for yard trimmings
  • Easy blade cleaning and replacement
  • Powerful electric chainsaw
  • lightweight design
  • More powerful electric chainsaw


  • It takes little more extended periods of time to cut through thicker tree limbs

What Consumers Say:

This affordable and solid product has impressed many people with its performance. The sturdy, built, lightweight product is manageable even for an old lady. It works admirably, and nobody needs to suffer any hassle to start the engine—unlike the gas-powered ones. Consumers use it to do jobs light or heavy around the yard. Consumers mention this cheap chainsaw electric maybe one of the efficient chainsaws. However, some complaints about the slow nature at the beginning.

6. HOMELITE Electric Chainsaw

HOMELITE Electric Chainsaw

Doing outdoor chores around the yard doesn’t have to be a chore. This is particularly true for the Homelite electric chain-saw. The lightweight chainsaw facilitates transportation to any area. There are safety features built-in for added protection. That keeps your fingers safe while making long cuts a breeze!

The fact that it’s corded makes this heavy-duty electric chainsaw perfect for every situation. You won't run out of power when you're on the job. And with such minimal weight, carrying it around won't be much trouble. With no gas combustion engine, there are also fewer exhaust fumes. That means people looking for a quieter option will love this too!

The Homelite UT43122b is convenient. The electric chainsaw is a reliable and user-friendly choice for homeowners. It can handle any cutting job from clearing brush to trimming tree limbs, with no assembly required. Have an idea of what tasks you’ll be using most? Turn the safety off with a quick flick of your wrist and jump right in!

Key Specifications:

Dimension: 34 x 9 x 10.5 inches

Power Source: Corded Electric

Weight: 11.3 Pounds


High Chain Speed

12 AMP Electric Motor

16-inch Guide Bar

Great for Yard Trimming

Ergonomic Designed Powerful Chainsaw


  • Little electric chainsaw
  • Easy to use
  • light weight design
  • More powerful electric chainsaw


  • Sometimes oil might leak from the oil reservoir

What Consumers Say:

Many professionals have bought this product to replace the old ones—because it works better. A great and cheap electric chainsaw that can slash any trees without making a mess. Buyers regularly use it for yard trimming, cutting, and so on. It does what it's supposed to do. And buyers love doing things with it. It's easy, manageable, sturdy, solid, and sharp. A great deal for consumers to run around the yard.

A General Guide To Buy Cheap Chainsaw With Electric Start

You can use a cheap electric chainsaw to make a trench for wire as it's versatile in operation. Howbeit, you will see a universal design in any standard chainsaw. Essentially, a cheap cordless electric chainsaw or a corded one is made of several parts, which are,


The body is typically made from durable plastic or metal. The engine sits inside, and handles are on the outside for easy access when needed!

Guide Bar

The guide bar sometimes called a chain guard or tooth drivetrain, allows your saw chain to rotate and spin at such high speeds. It also helps keep you safe from being hit by errant debris flying off of the tree branches!


The chain is always the most visible part of a chainsaw. It's made up primarily of metal. It has many sharp edges for cutting wood or other materials, making it easy to cut through almost anything you need!


The power source of the saw drives it around, allowing for cutting through materials and powering its exhaust. A fan protects the engine. Thus, you can cut without damaging or overheating anything important in there!

A traditional engine needs a specific ratio of oil and gas, but electric engines are clean because they don't require mixing. When these ratios change over time, there can be performance issues due to gunk build-up in your machine. And that could lead you down some challenging roads!


Electric saws come with a straightforward operating method. They start with the push of one button and require no priming, waiting, or pushing down on an internal trigger while you hold in that safety switch!


Electric engines offer the same robust and dependable power as traditional gas-powered models. So, you can check on that while planning to buy a cheap corded or cordless chainsaw.

Cheap Electric Chainsaw(FAQs)

Investing in an electric chainsaw is an excellent way to do just that! Here are some frequently asked questions about cheap electric chainsaws and their benefits.

How good are cheap electric chainsaw motors?

There is a wide variety of cheap electric chainsaw motors on the market, but make sure that your machine's blade and other necessary equipment are in good shape. We've narrowed down some excellent models in this blog post!

Do electric chainsaws need oil?

The corded electric chainsaw requires bar and chain oil to function correctly. All saws do, but this protection keeps the friction between your equipment at a minimum while still providing maximum performance!

Where can you find a cheap electric chainsaw?

The best way to find a cheap electric chainsaw is on Amazon. The site has many different brands and models for you to choose from. So it'll be easy! Hence, we have listed the top 6 chainsaw collections from Amazon, easily navigating you to the site quickly.

What is the best cheap chainsaw?

The Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw is a powerhouse of power, balance, and easy operation. It's the perfect choice for anyone who wants an excellent saw that will cut through anything without too much effort or difficulty!

Why do we recommend these electric chainsaws?

We know that one bad review can make a difference between you buying the product or not. So we take pride in our ability to analyze expert reviews from all over and put together an algorithm that gives each reviewer's opinion weight based on their experience level.

Wrapping Things Up

Our list of top-favourite electric chainsaws should help you find the right tool for your needs. Please look through our selection to see which one will work best with an electric chain saw.

Electric chainsaws provide a clean, convenient and easy way to cut down trees. Unlike gas-powered models, these cords are very quiet. So you don't have the nuisance of loud noises that can be an issue when operating in your own home or business compound!

Electric motors also produce less heat, making them appropriate for usage close to people. That's due to their safety features like on/off Switch operation via push button. Plus, automatic restart option after hours without usage (great if running other equipment).

We have also provided additional resources on what to consider in an electric chainsaw. It will also assist you in making a knowledgeable purchasing decision.

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