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Best Electric Chainsaw Under $100

Top 03 Best Electric Chainsaw Under $100 [2022]

Finding the best electric chainsaw under $100 might be a challenging task for you. But when a group of experts dig into the Amazon search list, the task becomes easier! No matter the type of electric chainsaw you want for your backyard project, we are here to help you out. So, buckle up and dive a little deep into this article.

We all know that there are two categories of chainsaws in trend. The first one is gas-powered chainsaws, and the second one is the electric models. To be more precise, the electric ones also have two types, including a corded and cordless chainsaw. And that's where people get confused.

Most people think the cordless model is a great companion if not considering the price tag. In contrast, the corded chainsaw is budget-friendly and overall good except for the external power source. So, which one should you choose for your yard works?

In reality, when buying an electric chainsaw for home-based work only, there are many factors to consider. It's not only about the "less-than-$100" price tag. It's rather about the type of work you would do and for how long.

In this blog post, we have reviewed the top three electric chainsaws under $100. Being a team of chainsaw experts, we have researched several chainsaw products available on Amazon. And finally concluded that these three tools are best in an overall way.

Best Electric Chainsaw Under $100 Review

A chainsaw is a valuable tool for cutting down trees, clearing out brush, and even making firewood. But not all saws are created equal. Some are more powerful than others. Some are lighter weight while others are heavier duty. The best electric chainsaw under $100 can be found below in our review of the top 3 models on the market today!

01.WORX WG303.1 Electric Powered Chain Saw

WORX WG303.1 Electric Powered Chain Saw

The WORX WG303.1 Electric powered chain saw is famous for its additional features that any other chainsaw can't provide. From an automatic oiler to a tool-free chain tensioning feature, this handy tool can give you with.

You will get plenty of power from this tool for as long as you want to run it. Besides, if you are concerned about the price range, it's undoubtedly cost you less than 100 bucks. So affordable price, not? Well, let's dig a little deeper.

The WORX WG303.1 corded electric chainsaw is specially designed for doing house chores. So, there's no need to have any professional lumberjack experience to operate this. You'll need to pick up the machine, plug it into the power outlet, and push the start button. It's that easy. It is the best electric chainsaw under $100.

With a 14.5 Amp electric motor, this 16-inch bar chainsaw has so much to offer you. You can easily replace the chain anytime as it needs no extra tool for that. Above all, you get a low kickback bar and inertia activated chain brake for additional safety.

The auto-tensioning system is the most innovative addition to this tool. It will save you time and keep the 16-inch bar in perfect condition with an oversized knob. The knob automatically secures and maintains proper tension while you work!

The Worx electric chainsaws are powered by a 3.5 HP powerful motor and produce anywhere from 30 to 40 inches of cutting, depending on the model purchased. The all-metal base helps add stability during tough jobs. Besides, the easily lubricated sprocket at the bar nose helps preserve tool life for longer working hours in your yard or business setting!

Features of WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw

The high torque, 14.5 Amp motor delivers performance similar to what you would get with a gas-powered chainsaw for homeowners!

Thanks to its patented auto-tension chain system, this power tool belt will never get caught on your machinery again. It stays at the perfect tension for hundreds of uses so you can work in peace!

This electric-powered tool is the perfect choice for electricians on a budget. It features low kickback bars and a built-in chain brake. Chain Speed : 12m/s. Rated Voltage: 120V~60Hz

The automatic chain oiler and built-in 200ml tank with oil window level indicator are perfect as well.

The warranty includes three years of manufacturer's coverage manufacturer's gauge in addition" to its 3/8 inch chain pitch.

The only downside of this chainsaw is that you have to always carry a power outlet for operating it. That's because it runs on electricity and doesn't include any rechargeable batteries.

Key Specifications

Weight: 11

Power Source: Electric

Power: 14.5 AMP

Battery Capacity:

Bar Length: 16

Chain Speed: 12 m/s

Brand: WORX

Model #: WG303.1

Notable Amazon Review: 

"I used to work in the tree business, so I knew a thing or two about chainsaws." I honestly never saw myself ever using, much less owning, an electric chainsaw. But I have to say; for what it is, the WG303.1 is a beast. I've used gas saws that were twice the weight and half the performance. So I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone.


  • lightweight & plenty of power
  • ergonomically easy to use
  • aggressive chain
  • ergonomically easy to use
  • much cleaner, quieter and less of a hassle compared to gas
  • no tip kickback
  • quiet (compared to gas)


  • It will also not cut well at the tip due to the lack of a kick tip. It's a positive thing for security. When you require the tip for carving a tight region, it's not that good. (However, as this does not apply to the average person, it is immaterial.)
  • the oversized chain adjuster knob will loosen by rolling itself against the wood when making tight cuts on that side.
  • uses way too much bar oil IMO. I get that the more lubrication it's better, but a little oil goes a long way. (old trade solution: use thicker oil)
  • Aliqua nulla pariatur elitis

02.BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chain Saw

BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chain Saw

It's the most powerful tool you ever thought of! Whether you're cutting tree branches to make your yard tidy or cleaning up after a storm, the Black & Decker LP1000 is your perfect partner in crime. It's also been considered as one of the cheap chainsaws till now.

With an 18 inch rotating blade, this high-performance electric lopper is available at hardware stores nationwide for less than a hundred bucks. This means that coming home to find yourself with a messed up oak is no longer costly but relatively quick and easy!

This revolutionary power saw has a 4-inch cut capacity. So, it can quickly grab thicker branches and limbs with its clamping jaws. Inside are metal guards made to provide added protection for safety. It is the best electric chainsaw under $100.

The machine runs on electricity rather than gasoline. Thus you never have to worry about running out of fuel or powering down in the middle of cutting branches just because you forgot the machine could do that too!

Overall, the Black & Decker electric chain saw is a device for those who need a robust chain saw but don't want to break their back. This chainsaw cuts through anything with one easy motion with its electric motor due to the innovative clamping jaws.

You can now literally cut your way out of any situation as the six-inch bar length will easily handle even the most challenging jobs! What's better, with an exceptionally lightweight compact design, you can take it anywhere without crushing your shoulders! Covered by a limited 2-year warranty, We've other great features; owning this product could be just what you're looking for in both power and convenience.

Features of BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chain Saw

The powerful 4.5-amp motor in these jaws can cut and grip with one easy motion. And that makes them perfect for any project you need to work on quick.

The chainsaw bar on this model is specifically designed with teeth that can chew right into hardwood, delivering fast cuts in no time!

It has a 6-inch bar length that can cut up to 4-inches deep in the wood.

It's Lightweight, around 6.5 Ibs.

This kit includes everything you need to tackle any job around the house. With an Alligator Lopper and Oil Bottle, we're sure that your outdoor living space will be in perfect order!

Key Specifications

Weight: 6.5

Power Source: Electric

Power: 4.5 AMP

Battery Capacity:

Bar Length: 6

Brand: Black & Decker

Model #: LP1000

Notable Amazon Review:

"If you're interested in purchasing the Black & Decker LP1000, This is a mini chainsaw than other ones. Yet, it performs admirably when compared to hand loppers.

If you need a powered log splitter for a project, this is probably not the tool for you; but, if you're simply attempting to pick up tiny branches and brushes, it's fantastic - far better than a chainsaw because you don't have to worry about the tip striking the ground or kicking back.

Before you switch on the Alligator Lopper, you can insert your branch between the jaws, and it will self-feed and chop it off for you. This is an excellent tool."

03.Greenworks Corded Chainsaw

Greenworks Corded Chainsaw

Are you looking to cut down on the environmental footprint and get your yard clean? The corded system from GreenWorks provides a robust set of tools for all your yard needs. Starting with a chainsaw, this equipment cuts through branches in one fell swoop using its 18-inch blade.

This lightweight chainsaw is perfect for all of your spring cleaning needs. It features an 18" bar and chain to cut tree branches up to 34 inches in diameter. And it delivers powerful performance with just the push of a button. Plus, there's no need for a choke or pull start. The comfort grip provides superior control and reduced fatigue.

The Greenworks Corded Chainsaw is a user-friendly, powerful, and convenient chainsaw! With Tool-less chain tensioning for quick and easy adjustments and an automatic oiler that keeps your chain lubricated throughout use, this chainsaw will keep you going long past the last tree.

The transparent oil window ensures that your oil levels won't be running low before you know it. That's what gives you more time to take down limbs by the pool. Overall, this chainsaw has a much lower kickback level than standard ones. It is the best electric chainsaw under $100.

The GreenWorks includes economical options and high-performance tools for those who value their time (and money) more than anything else. Thanks to powerful shock absorber technology, plus the significant lack of smoke production. It's what makes it great for those who have allergies or sensitive asthma people in their homes.

Features of Greenworks Corded Chainsaw

The powerful 14.5 Amp Electric Motor starts quickly and delivers the necessary torque to get your job done efficiently and effortless on your end at all!

The 18-Inch bar and chain are perfect for clearing large fallen debris. The quick-release lever on top allows you to attach it in seconds as well quickly.

Quick adjustments of the chain tension are now accessible with tool-less popper valves.

The Auto-oiler will work with any oil, ensuring that you're not wasting time stopping!

With its ergonomic handle, you can use the saw in multiple positions to ease use when trimming at different angles!

Key Specifications

Weight: 12.1

Power Source: Electric

Power: 14.5 AMP

Battery Capacity: No

Bar Length: 18

Brand: Greenworks

Model #: 20332

Notable Amazon Review:

"I purchased the Greenworks 20332 chainsaw to replace an electric Craftsmen 16" chainsaw that had recently died when cutting down a large mulberry tree. Though I despise being connected by a cord, I despise even more attempting to start gas engines or the exorbitant cost of battery electricity.

My brother's 18-inch gas Poulin sliced through the stump like cheesecloth, but this one had no trouble eating through massive limbs. Later, I used it to limb eight enormous spruce trees, and it was a breeze! The 20332 comes with a beautiful strong Cordura carrying pouch and a durable plastic scabbard! The only disadvantage is that it drips bar oil all over my shed floor when it is not in use. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to drain it for storage, even if it's only temporary. That Cordura bag would be ruined in a day. Aside from that, it's a terrific tool at a great price!!!"

FAQ - Best Electric Chainsaw Under $100 Budget

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions about these three electric saw models in this segment. We hope that clears out any confusion you might also have!

Q1.Can you use a 12-inch bar on the Greenworks chainsaw?

A 12-inch bar would work nicely on this saw. And it's a lot cheaper to buy than upgrading your entire tools collection. The longer the handle of an oiler-equipped power tool gets, the less time you'll spend pumping up and down when in use (or taking breaks). This saves energy! These auto oilers only take about 1 minute per stroke instead of 2 minutes as manual pumps do. So, they're much faster at doing their job, which makes them worth having if possible.

Q2.Can you use two or more cords to extend the Black & Decker built-in cord length?

Yes, indeed. You can't expect power tools to be the best in every way if you're not giving them enough juice. When connecting extension cords, make sure they are long enough. That way, your tool won’t get short-circuited due to overheating caused by overworking itself! Besides, it's not about how far you stretch the cord but rather what kind of gauge it is. 14 gauge will always be more powerful than 10 or 12 gauge extension cords!

Q3.Does the WORX WG303.1 have additional batteries?

The WORX company produces both the battery-powered chainsaw and the electric one. But the WG303.1 is a corded chainsaw. So, it doesn't come with any battery power. You have to plug it into the power outlet, then push the start button to start working. And if you think the cord is too small. You can extend the cable by attaching an external cable of 14 inches gauge. That way, you will get a better.

Closing Thoughts

After a whole lot of research on these three, we realized these products could provide the best overall performance considering their lightweight design, safety features, and operating modes. We compared the performance of them to see which was better.

We tested them, and in our tests, they have been able to accomplish heavy duties with ease. So, it's clear that these tools are ready for anything! We've put each through a trial period of about 14 days worth of work to know them better.

And there, we found out that they offered different facilities, including a built-in safety feature. They even provided speedy operating modes suited for heavy-duty use. So, now it's your choice whether you'd choose these over any other ones.

If you take our suggestions, we would suggest you should buy these. They are worth your investment considering the performance. Besides, most users love these as well as rate them with a higher marking on Amazon. Thus, it's time to make a decision and make the purchase.

We hope this article has helped you enough. If anything we might have missed to include in the review, kindly let us know by commenting. Also, share your experience with us about these products if you already have one at home!

Here we are trying to discuss the best electric chainsaw under $100.

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