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Best Corded Electric Chainsaw

Top 05 Best Corded Electric Chainsaw [2022]

Best Corded Electric Chainsaw: Gas-powered saws are somewhat hassling in terms of expanse and usage. But what about electric chainsaws? If you get the best corded electric chainsaw for your professional or homework, it will indeed ensure satisfaction.

This new invention of the electric chainsaws has eased the whole wood-cutting work today! No matter who wants to use these models, its integrated safety feature ensures users' security first. Besides, the lightweight design lessens the hard work too.

If you are looking for a handy device to clear out the backyard dead tree limbs, you must try one of these chain saws. These are entirely manufactured with electric motors. So, you won't have the hassle of putting extra pressure while cutting tree branches.

In this write-up, we have compiled a list of the best corded electric chainsaws model with various sizes available. Some of these even offer automatic chain oiler and tool-less chain tensioning. Hence, you don't have to fill up the oil guide bar from time to time. Above all, these fantastic machines can get your yard projects done as quickly as a gas-guzzling machine!

Our Editor’s Pick from The Best Corded Electric Chainsaw

All the listed chainsaws are the industrial top picks for sure. However, some factors make two to three of the chainsaws exceptional at their job. With that in mind, our specialists tested each machine and determined which were the finest overall!

Oregon CS1500:

Oregon CS1500

For those who find it difficult to sharpen their chainsaws regularly, the Oregon CS1500 electric model provides an easy solution. The self-sharpening chain system will keep your electric tool in perfect condition. Hence, consumers love this feature for such convenience! Plus, with automatic oiler and chain lubrication; Yard projects are done smoothly without any hassle.

Worx WG307:

Worx WG307

The Worx WG307 corded electric chainsaw has an automatic chain oiler. Consumers love how easy this machine is to operate, and the affordable price makes it even more of a great choice! Our editors tried out the product themselves; they think that everyone should buy one. That's because it's perfect for those who want an easier way to cut fallen tree branches in their backyard or other small projects around your house.

Best Electric Corded Chainsaw Review

The main reason we recommend these corded electric chainsaws is that they're able to do the job for you quickly and efficiently. They also come with plenty of power, making fast work out easy even on thick branches. So, they won't slow down too much during intricate cuts as well. We hope our detailed descriptions help make your decision easier.

We have tried to describe each product in-depth. Thus, you will understand which one will suit your demand best. For even more details, you can check out the integrated links under each product's specifications.

01. Black & Decker Lopper Chain Saw

Black & Decker Lopper Chain Saw

Tree-sized tasks are hard to tackle when all you have is an old pocket knife. But they are no problem with this Black & Decker Lopper Chain Saw. The 4.5 amp motor delivers powerful cutting that cuts through branches and logs of any size with ease. So if your towering oak needs thinning, it's time to call in the big guns!

The chain saw's 4-inch cutting capacity will leave even the largest of logs neatly cut in half. And that will leave them nice and orderly in your backyard so others can avoid tripping over them! It has a 6-inch bar length which makes it just about perfect for arm stretches.

You also get enough power and durability from this powerful little machine for many years. This powerhouse stays true to its name by having an ergonomic loop handle that fits nicely into hands that are sized small to large, making it very comfortable during prolonged periods of use.

Besides, with a patented, automatic retraction blade system, you're less likely to experience kickback. The outfeed opening handles make it easier for you to grab your cut log or branch. In addition, this piece of equipment can take on any challenge, no matter how tough.


Blade Size: 4 Inches

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 10x24x9 Inches

Weight: 6 lbs


  • Metal handguards to protect your hand from any severe damages
  • It has a scissor-like motion in cutting tree branches
  • You will get clamping jaws equipped with this
  • Heavy-duty bar and chain
  • Ergonomic design


  • The tool might be a little wimpy compared to a regular chainsaw
  • Not appropriate for heavy-deep branch cuts

02. Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Start tree removal with an Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw. This trailblazing corded electric chain saw was the first of its kind with a chain that can sharpen itself. So, it becomes perfect for DIYers and homeowners alike! Built-in PowerSharp self-sharpening system makes it even easier. You can now sharpen the chain of your saw in 3 to 5 seconds.

Another great thing about this Electric Chainsaw is that it's ready to go on day one. That's because it needs no assembly. You can take it just right out of the box at the proper tension for both safety and ease of use!

Its patented Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system keeps your chainsaw bar and chain fully lubricated with a high-quality oil. That means you'll always be ready to tackle any job. Besides, its ingenious design also means that this model doesn't require mixing gas or oil before or during use.

Aside from everything, the Oregon CS1500 is the perfect pick for a clean and easy cut. It has top-sharpening designed cutters to ensure a smooth cutting experience with excellent stay sharp quality. Pull the PowerSharp lever on, and you'll be up and running in 3-5 seconds! Chisel-style cutters deliver efficient cutting from start to finish, providing you with a great result every time.


Guide Bar Size: 18 Inches

Colour: Black/Red Combination

Motor: 15 Amp


  • If plugged into an electrical outlet correctly, you will get outstanding performance from the machine
  • You get the facility of chain replacement without too much hassle
  • Self-sharpening chain system available
  • It also includes an oil level window
  • Automatic Oiling System
  • Powerful 15-Amp motor


  • It might be an undersized heavyweight

03. Worx WG307 JawSaw Electric Corded Chainsaw

Worx WG307 JawSaw Electric Corded Chainsaw

Juggling an awkward chainsaw is tough, but the Worx WG307 takes care of all that. Its innovative design features a retractable blade and chain. So, you can get back to your job in seconds with less fuss - even when it's dropped!

Its see-through safety system automatically hides dangerous components before they're fully covered by body armor. Thus, there's no need to worry about any accidents while hurrying through a fastening session. So whether it's raining outside or not, lean on the JawSaw for quality performance each time.

If you get a Worx Jawsaw, you can cut through even the most challenging trees and shrubs with ease. The patented auto-tension system sets the appropriate tension for you. So there's no risk of over-tightening yourself and damaging the gearbox.

This is a fantastic tool for people with a small yard, a couple of trees in their backyard, or city living. JawSaw is lightweight and easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces. So, just sit back and relax as this electric corded chainsaw does all the work for you.


Guide Bar Size: 6 Inches

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 9.5 x 11 x 61 inches

Weight: 8.1 lbs


  • Includes oil bottler, bar, and automatic chain oiling system
  • Effortless to use with the compact design
  • Equipped with 5 Amp powerful motor
  • Oil window level indicator included
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Provides only a diameter of 4" deep cut

04. Remington RM1645 Versa Saw

Remington RM1645 Versa Saw

Spending the day outside in the sun only to come home and have a mess to clean up isn't fair. Time is of the essence, but so is safety. This 12-Amp Remington RM1645 Versa Saw will cut through just about everything. It has a large 16-Inch reduced-kickback guide bar and chain. Thus, you can get back out there as soon as possible.

Design with comfort at its heart, the lightweight fluidity of this Versa Saw is accessible on the hands. This saw will make light work for exhaustless applications even with long periods of time. Besides, the innovative machine's easy adjustment and lubrication system will have all of your projects finished off in record time.

So, no matter the project, get it done efficiently with this versatile saw. Cut all your large-scale projects precisely to size with its 850mm cutting capacity. You will also get a precise chain adjustment screw for tension. So, you need extra equipment for chain tensioning. So easy on-chain tensioning!

The automatic chain oiler and an oil level viewer will also provide you with a quick maintenance check. This tool comes fully assembled in one piece and is ideal for both business owners and do-it-yourselfers!


Guide Bar Size: 16 Inches

Colour: Black/Orange Combination

Dimensions: 32.8 x 9.8 x 8.8 inches

Weight: 9.2 lbs


  • Includes reduced kickback chain and guide bar as a safety feature
  • Compact corded model with lightweight design
  • Equipped with 12 Amp electric powerful motor
  • Tool-free chain tension
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Auto oiling system


  • No chain self-sharpening system

05. Sun Joe SWJ698E Electric Chainsaw

Sun Joe SWJ698E Electric Chainsaw

This Sun Joe chainsaw is more powerful than your average electric chainsaw. The 9-amp motor will make light work of any limbs or branches in its way. And that makes it great for loggers looking to get the most out of their trees before they're made into furniture. It has a 12-inch bar that can slice through anything up to that size with ease.

It has an upgraded design that makes cutting clean, no-splash cuts for electric power. The upgraded safety features make it easy to use by anyone in your home or garden who lacks the patience of a lumberjack. The push start button starts up instantly without effort, even if you hold something heavy during pruning season.

Sun Joe's SWJ698E Electric Chainsaw is perfect for all those pesky backyard cuttings and trimming. And it has an automatic chain lubrication system! A quick twist of the front wheel side cover knob, and you're ready to go!

Howbeit, it is also equipped with an automatic oiler, which ensures you won't have any slip-ups when trying to keep it nice and clean after use! With this purchase, you'll receive everything needed for an easy startup. So you'll be ready to go right out of the box - just put on some gloves, plug in the cord, turn it on.


Guide Bar Size: 12-Inches

Colour: Green

Dimensions: 17.52 x 6.89 x 6 inches

Weight: 7.3 lbs


  • Powerful 9-amp motor cuts branches up to 9 in. (23 cm) thick
  • Ideal for trimming and pruning limbs and branches
  • Built-in safety switch prevents accidental starting
  • Automatic chain lubrication system
  • Free from harmful emissions
  • Maximum maneuverability


  • It includes a manual chain tightener

How To Choose The Right Size Chainsaw For Your Needs

Electric chainsaws are a great alternative to gas chainsaws. That's because they do not require you to buy fuel and lug around heavy equipment. The downside of an electric saw is that it can't run for as long as a gas-powered chainsaw without needing to be plugged in again. Electric saws also don't have the power or durability of their gas counterparts. But if your needs are light and you're looking for something affordable, then this might be the right chainsaw for you!

So, how do you choose the best electric chainsaws according to your needs? There are some everyday things that you should consider checking before making a purchase. In this section, we will try to focus on that.

Bar Lengths and Sizes

 Bar lengths matter depending on the type of work you are about to do. For instance, if you only want to trim the thin tree branches fallen in your backyard, you can go for a 14/16-inch bar electric chainsaw. If you intend to do heavy tree cutting, you may choose the 18-inch bar size. It also depends on the type of chainsaw you feel comfortable with.

Guide Bar

The essential part of any chainsaw is the guide bar. It holds the chain in place while the chain cuts. If the guide bar breaks, the chain will fall off, and the chainsaw won't work.

Automatic Oiling

The best way to use a chainsaw is by using an automatic oiler. Chainsaws come with this feature these days. That means you don't have your hands always in greasy and messy mode! Your machine will have automatic oil lubrication whenever it's necessary.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioner

Tool-less chain tensioner is another necessary feature in corded electric chainsaws. It allows you to tighten the chain without any heavy equipment quickly. You only need to twist a knob and be done.

Built-In Chain Brake

Corded chainsaws with built-in chain brake is considered a great safety feature. It's what provides safety to your hard if there's any sign of severe damages. For instance, if you feel too pressurized while controlling your chain speed, the built-in chain brake will guard your hand by slowing down its speed.

Oil Level Indicator

The oil level indicator is what allows you to understand the oil level condition. That way, you can be sure if your chainsaw needs more oil in it for better operation.

Amp Electric Motor

Amp motor is the central part of electric corded chainsaws. This is what runs the saw smoothly than a gas-powered chainsaw. No matter what electric chainsaw you intend to buy, you must check the Amp motor power.

Affordable Price

Price has always been an essential factor for any purchase. If you can buy a chainsaw with all the tool-free chain tensioning, automatic oiler, etc., features at an affordable price, it's a win-win. Howbeit, don't compromise the quality while thinking of the budget. You can search for some relevant budget suggestions online about your desired product, then make a move for the purchase.

Compact Design

Your chainsaw must have a design that will not make you uncomfortable during work. When you go for a chainsaw purchase, take the machine in hand and allow yourself to adjust with its weight and lightweight design. If you think everything fits you well, it should be the compact design you are looking for.

FAQ - Top Corded Electric Chainsaw Review

We have done our best to answer some frequently asked questions. We hope that clears up any confusion you might be having regarding the electric chainsaws!

 Q1.Are electric chainsaws more dangerous?

When using an electric chainsaw, it is essential to be careful and protective of yourself. The chain can cause injury if you mishandle the machine for any reason! However, the power difference between electric versus gas models should not deter you from buying one. We know gas chainsaws are safe from doing severe damage. But yet, It has its dangers that need consideration during use.

 Q2.How long do electric chainsaws last?

An electric chainsaw is usually designed to last for up to 10 years. However, that depends on how you take care of the device as well. It all depends on how often you use it and what type of material you cut.

 Q3.Can Electric Chainsaw Cut Down Trees?

Electric chainsaws are suitable for small trees, but the power isn't enough to cut down large ones. If you need a saw that can handle any size tree in your yard or garden, there's no better option than gas-powered models. They usually have more torque and mass destruction potential!

 Q4.Do electric chainsaws work well?

With the recent advances in battery technology, today's electric chainsaws can match their gas-powered counterparts for power output. With fewer operational drawbacks and increased efficiency, there are many reasons why your neighbours will prefer an electric model over one that runs on fuel oil or natural gas.

 Q5.Do electric chainsaws overheat?

Chainsaws can start to overheat if the user isn't aware of time to time oil lubrication. However, most chainsaw models come with an automatic system for lubing. So there's no need to worry about your tool getting too hot.

 Q6.How does an electric chainsaw work?

The working mechanism of an electric chainsaw is effortless! Electric chainsaws use electricity from a power source or battery to power the engine, which turns gears with metal (chains). The only maintenance you need for this type of machine is oiling. But we recommend that owners check their manufacturer guidelines before assuming too much responsibility themselves in any case.

 Q7.How to start an electric chainsaw?

The chainsaw is the most powerful tool, and there are plenty of different ways to start it up. Chainsaws come with an electric starter, a pull cord starter, or even a trigger switch for smaller models. The first thing you need to do is make sure your chainsaw has gas in the tank; if not, fill it up immediately! Then plug the tool into a power outlet to have smooth start-ups.

Closing Thoughts

Chainsaws are an efficient and effective tool if you can properly use them. Safe chainsaw use is a crucial part of any project that requires the power of a saw, from clearing branches to cutting firewood or felling trees. Be sure to follow all safety precautions as you would for any other dangerous tool. That's because no matter how good the safety features might be, chainsaws are still a name of danger.

So, always wear eye protection, gloves, and a face mask. Keep children away from your work area near the chainsaw at all times. Otherwise, it can be effortless to get injured if they touch the blade while it's spinning.

Apart from these, it is best if you never operate a chainsaw near water. Also, never run a chainsaw with the throttle locked. Never use a chainsaw to cut metal. Use a circular saw or an angle grinder to cut metal. Ensure the connection point for an extension cord that will power the corded chainsaws is safe from short circuit possibilities. Here we are trying to discuss about top 05 best corded electric chainsaw.

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