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16 Inch Electric Chainsaw Review [2022]

Electric chainsaws have made lawn cleaning easier now. They are lighter, quieter, and offer easy maintenance! So, what more do you need to clean those scattered tree limbs in your backyard? A 16-inch electric chainsaw mostly comes with a corded power source. But if you prefer a cordless one, we have some of that collection. Some are cheap electric chainsaws & some are expensive.

Electric chainsaws come in various sizes ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches. Some companies even produce 21 inches chain saws! Howbeit, the 16 inches are considered medium sizes. They feature an automatic chain oiler, better chain speed, and an AMP motor. These are perfect for cutting those giant felling trees that you once trimmed with a traditional sawmill.

In this write-up, we will speak of some top-rated 16-inches chain saws reviews that every consumer still loves today!

Best 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

We all know that chainsaws are hazardous tools. They need extreme care and caution during work and are a necessary tool for homeowners. With this in mind, we have created the following list of the best 16-inch electric chainsaws today. We will go over what makes these models great and clear any confusion about which model would be best for your needs!

Milwaukee 16-Inch Chainsaw Kit

This chainsaw starts in a flash and cuts through wood with the precision of a laser. With plenty of power, a variable speed trigger, and an automatic oiler, this brushless battery-powered model is the all-star you’ve been waiting for! The device start-ups are smooth, unlike its 40cc gas-powered counterpart.

And also it prevents overloading during work. Its intelligent battery system won’t allow you to rely on your ignorance of how chainsaws work! Milwaukee Electric Tools provided a superior-quality chainsaw kit that appealed to customers with big projects.

There’s an impressive amount of power packed into this Milwaukee chainsaw. And it has a full wrap-around guide bar for outstanding performance. With features like the patented BLADE LOCK system and self-lubricating guides, you’ll surely tackle those hard jobs without any problems!

With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, you can rest assured that this product will perform as expected. This chainsaw received a four or higher star rating from 93 percent of customers! The above-average customer rating comes with a total of 180 reviews that speaks about its outstanding features!


Dimension: 35 x 11.1 x 9.8 inches

Weight: 14.37 pounds

Warranty: Five year


20-volt battery

16-inch bar

Battery-powered chainsaw

Variable speed trigger

Automatic oiler

Things We Don’t Like:

No charger or additional battery included

What Customers Are Saying

They claimed it had been long enough to accomplish minor things, such as pulling down a tree or cleaning limbs. Other clients praised the compatibility of the battery with other Milwaukee instruments. While some did not like the chain of the product, it was somewhat weak and susceptible to fallout during use.

WEN 4017 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

WEN electric chainsaw is only costlier. At less than $100, this saw is enough to power your most demanding outdoor DIY projects and removes some of the legwork required by gas-powered models. The lightweight design decreases your arms’ burden.

It also provides a chain replacement “tool-free.” This reduces downtimes between projects. So that decreases downtime between projects. This powerhouse tackles anything you want with discretion (and no pollution!).

If you need to take care of some outdoor projects but want to save money, Wen’s electric chainsaw offers an affordable solution. Use the low-price chainsaw exchange program for even more savings because it comes with fast service, free shipping for returns, and excellent customer service!

This electric chainsaw is 16 inches long and uses electric power for easy start-up. Say goodbye to tough starts with this reliable machine, so spend less time fiddling around with your equipment and more time cutting down that forest-killing monster.


Dimension: 31 x 10 x 6.5 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Warranty: Two-year warranty


12A motor

16-inch bar

Corded electric model

Lightweight design

Comfortable to carry

Too-free chain tensioning

Quiet operation

Things We Don’t Like:

The oiler might malfunction sometimes

What Customers Are Saying

Customers praised the chainsaw’s simple design and effectiveness in small projects in their reviews. They found the chainsaw easy to control and assemble. Customers enjoyed how it dealt with small projects like lopping limbs or cutting down trees, while others were disappointed by its oiler malfunctioning during use.

Craftsman 16-Inch AMP Electric Chainsaw

With a sound like a roar, the Craftsman 16 Inch AMP Electric Chainsaw lets you take on your most challenging project with ease. The 12-Amp motor’s carefully crafted potency is coupled with a low kickback bar and chain. It helps to minimize your hard work.

The Craftsman 16 Inch AMP electric chainsaw is perfect for getting through small jobs. It has a convenient oil window and doesn’t require any priming before use.

This electric saw also offers easy adjusting chain tension with no need for tools – it’s like having an expert at every job!

This means more hours on the job site and fewer nagging injuries. When it comes time for some extreme sawing action, don’t think twice. Save some time by selecting this corded electric chainsaw from Craftsman!


Dimension: 18.63 x 11.94 x 8.37 inches

Weight: 6.19 pounds

Warranty: Three year


12 amp electric

16-inch bar

Corded electric model

Auto oiling

Low kickback bar

Too-free chain tensioning

Things We Don’t Like:

It starts operating slowly at the beginning

What Customers Are Saying

Consumers are roaring about this particular machine’s easy installation and working method. Those who don’t like the gas-powered model love how easily it gets to cutting trees and limbs. They also praised its additional features like auto oiling and tool-free chain tensioning system as that’s user-friendly.

Makita-UC4051A 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Makita-UC4051A 16″ Electric chain saw makes it easy for the green consumer to clean your yard. With a toolless blade and chain adjustments, this chainsaw is user-friendly. Its ergonomically designed rubberized grip handles.

For comfort, it has a large trigger switch that smoothly startups the machine with power and helps protect against accidental starting. The brushless motor technology helps generate more torque and has less tension on parts.

This chain saw can attack any tree in your backyard, one of the strongest electrical saws on the market. Easy to operate and safe with a built-in current limiter that extends motor life. Its view window lets you quickly check oil levels.

So, when the job is big and electric, look to Makita’s UC4051A 16-inch Electric Chainsaw. Overall, this powerful chainsaw provides all of the power you need for ultimate control over your cutting needs.


Dimension: 10 x 24.2 x 10.5 inches

Weight: 14 pounds

Warranty: One year


“Tool-less” blade and chain adjustments

16-inch bar

Corded electric model

Rubberized grip handles

Large oil reservoir

Electric chain brake included

Things We Don’t Like:

Expensive in price

What Customers Are Saying

Customers love its easy maintenance and built-in chain brake for preventing accidents. Some say getting used to the bar and chain tensioning system takes a little time. But that’s all good when someone gets on the field with this. With its extension cord, they love how easily it can maneuver during operation.

Black+Decker 16-Inch Corded Powered Chainsaw

The Black + Decker 16-inch electric chain saw is the easy, convenient way to take care of your yard work! Whether trimming branches or taking down pesky weeds, this electric cordless chainsaw has you covered.

So, let’s get professional quality chainsaw work done without worry. You can easily see when you’re running low on oil just by peeking in the window, which is a great time-saver.

The 12 Amp motor makes cutting through sapling branches and shrubs a breeze. And with a 16-inch bar that creates three times less kickback for increased safety, it’s easier to tackle all your yard projects!

The Black+Decker 16-Inch Corded Powered Chainsaw solves all those problems with its key specs. It has a convenient size, easy chain tensioning system, and low kickback bar & chain. It also automatically inserts two-stroke engine oil into itself through an advanced automatic lubrication system.


Dimension: 19 x 9 x 12 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Warranty: N/A


16-inch low-kickback bar and chain

12-AMP motor

Corded electric model

Tool-free chain tensioning

Automatic oiling system

Clear window for easy oil level viewing

Things We Don’t Like:

Somewhat noisy in operation

What Customers Are Saying

Users enjoy using this machine because it is lightweight, has a long cord length, and cuts well. It can make some noise when in use. One improvement they would want is clear plastic to the oil container to see how much of an oil reservoir there was without removing any caps.

Oregon 603348 CS1400 Corded Chainsaw

With an instant start and a silent cut, this chainsaw is the perfect tool to take down your fallen branches with ease. The Lubri-Tec Oiling system ensures friction is at its minimum between cutting.

So, you can let it go for long periods without needing to stop and check up on it. Say goodbye to gas and hello to immediate corded cutting power that lasts!

Oregon 603348 chainsaw- the only corded saw around that’s powerful enough for larger tasks! It can cut through hardwood like butter and never leaves you waiting for it to start again. That’s because of its silent operation slotting between cuts for convenient use.

This product is made for those who like to avoid all hassles. This set chainsaw can tackle most jobs without ever needing to put the thing down. It’s easy on your wallet, back, and tools shelf — this Oregon saw offers an excellent no-nonsense choice for jobs big or small!


Dimension: 34 x 11 x 10 inches

Weight: 13.2 pounds

Warranty: N/A


  • 16 in. (40cm) reduced-kickback guide bar
  • 15 amp rating
  • 120 Volt – 60 Hz
  • No-load chain speed 2888 FPM
  • 56 Drive Links
  • Vapor lock system
  • Simple setup and assembly

Things We Don’t Like:

The chain might come off of the guide bar sometimes

What Customers Are Saying

Consumers are impressed with the chain speed and amount of power. It cuts like a gas-powered chainsaw, but without all the hassle! The weight is very reasonable for this much power. It’s only slightly louder than expected. However, that doesn’t seem to be a big concern for the consumers as they can complete all their hard work efficiently.

16 Inch Electric Chainsaw (FAQs)

We hope this segment has answered some of the confusion that people commonly ask.

Why do we recommend these electric chainsaws?

We analyze not just one but multiple expert reviews to determine each product’s overall score. You can trust it!

What is a 16-inch chainsaw good for?

A 16-inch chainsaw is an excellent tool for trimming trees and cutting down branches. But it’s also an excellent way to cut through hard ice or frozen ground, which can be a major hindrance when winter has set in. This powerful saw will ease you out of any jam with the proper safety gear.

How big a tree can a 16-chainsaw cut?

Chainsaws are great tools and will get you through most tasks at hand. Howbeit, 16-inch chainsaws have their limits. If you go up against something too dense or too large, then no amount of effort will help you out.

The Verdict

As you can see, there are many ways to take advantage of safety features when operating an electric chainsaw. We mustn’t only on the power tool and its operation for optimal safety and efficiency. With so many models available today, it’s easy to find one with the right balance between performance and injury protection.

Use these electric chainsaw reviews to find the right one for your needs. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best electric chainsaws on the market today!

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